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In real life, my name is Han-Kwang Nienhuys. I have a background in physics and chemical physics, more specifically time-resolved spectroscopy and lasers.

I know a few things about Netherlands and Sweden. Since 2009, I can add photolithography for the semiconductor industry to that, or at least a tiny bit of a particular aspect of it. Although I do not have a formal medical background, I think I'm fairly skilled in spotting pseudoscientific nonsense that is touted by commercial websites and subsequently finds its way into health-related Wikipedia articles.


This section is horribly incomplete and out-of-date.

Pet articles:

Furthermore, I try to keep an eye on linkspam and evident (scientific) nonsense.

Older contributions[edit]

For historical reasons some of the articles I contributed to in a time (2004) when it was very easy to add relevant new content to stubs and missing articles:


Just a selection. Full image gallery: User:Hankwang/Images.

My links & tools[edit]

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